Liquid Lip Week | Day #2 | Sleek Matte Me Lip Gloss

Welcome to Day 3 of Liquid Lip Week! The stars of todays show are the Sleek Matte Me Lip Gloss' which I didn't really know a lot about until I saw them in boots whilst perusing the sleek stand. The only thing I had heard was from the lovely sophdoesnails who used the shade 'petal' in a video and I can't remember whether it was Sophie or Shaaanxo who said that the shade 'birthday suit' was a dupe for Candy K by Kylie Jenner but I am yet to put that to the test!

The formula of these are mostly pigmented but I find each shade differs (this is a common trait among most makeup products). The shades velvet slippers and shabby chic are very pigmented and opaque and really only require one coat, Velvet slippers requiring a slightly thicker coat than shabby chic. Petal, as you can probably tell from the swatch is very sheer and goes on extremely patchy. I tried this with two coats and it just felt way too thick and like my lips were shrivelling up so this isn't a shade I get a lot of use out of on its own. However, I bought a lip liner from sleek (which is actually fab) which matches perfectly, so if I line and fill in my lips first and then apply one thin coat of petal, it works a lot better.  The formula is quite thick in consistency, not watery and runny like the Kylie one. They do dry down completely matte, they don't transfer at all once they are completely dry. It does feel comfortable to wear, sometimes I get a bit of flaking if I rub my lips together or apply too much, but I never feel like its a massive problem. The longevity isn't bad, but I find after about 5 hours they've worn off from the inside of my lips outwards, leaving a weird looking line round the edge of my lips which can be a little annoying. If I am eating, drinking and talking, then I usually need to retouch after about 2 hours which is a little inconvenient if I'm out, but I'll allow it because these colours are beautiful! The applicators on shabby chic and velvet slippers are very small and allow a precise application, however the applicator on petal is completely different! It's really long which makes application even more difficult, I'm not sure if petal is maybe in old packaging as I did buy them in different boots stores.

Apart from petal being a little bit iffy, these are a really great drugstore alternative to some of the more expensive liquid lipsticks. I would recommend shabby chic and velvet slippers to anyone, but petal does require a lot of extra effort but it is a beautiful shade if you are willing to experiment with it and find a way to wear it that works.

Have you tried these? What other shades do I need to pick up?

Emily xx

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