Liquid Lip Week | Day #3 | Violet Voss Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Welcome to Day 3 of liquid lip week! Today I'm giving you the lowdown on the Violet Voss Matte Liquid Lipsticks. Violet Voss are a brand that I hadn't heard that much about, I was first made aware of them when I saw the Holy Grail palette constantly popping up in my Instagram feed, and then I noticed them whilst browsing beauty bay and picked up two of their liquid lipsticks on a whim.

Formula-wise, these are almost identical to the sleek ones which I wrote about yesterday here. They're relatively thick in formula, very pigmented and opaque, a tiny bit drying and can be a little flaky from time to time if you apply to thick of a coat. These wear off in exactly the same way as the sleek ones, from the centre of the lips outwards and leaving a line around the edge, so if you go out wearing one of these (especially in a dark shade) make sure you bring it with you for touch ups. Trust me, I learnt that the hard way! The applicators on these are relatively long (similar to that on the shade 'petal' from Sleek) but these are a little thicker and more spongey and bendy, so they are a little easier to use than the sleek ones, but using a lip liner is essential for a precise application with these as the applicator is on the large side. The shade range of these is very good, although they all seem to be pinky toned which I know doesn't appeal to everyone but if that's something you're in to, violet voss have plenty on offer to you!

I would say I prefer these a little more to the sleek ones, purely for the fact these last a little longer, the packaging is a little more chic and they're just a touch less drying. However, for the price, I think the sleek ones are definitely a much more affordable alternative. These are beautiful lipsticks and I definitely think I will get a lot of use out of these more into the autumn time as these are beautiful autumn/winter shades!

Which other bits from Violet voss would you recommend I try? I've got my eye on some of their glitters and lashes!

Emily xx

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