My Blogging Process - How I Create a Blog Post

 It's an absolute miracle that I am currently able to get this post up! It took an hour and a half for the photos to upload to Blogger, and it is a day late but better late than never hey?! This post is something slightly different for you, and is aimed towards my fellow bloggers, or any of my readers that I have been considering starting up their own blog. I thought I would do an in depth post on what goes on behind the scenes if you like, and show you the process I go through to put up content for you. Hopefully it will be useful in deciding whether blogging is for you, or give some of you bloggers some tips on how to make things easy for yourself when it comes to running a blog.

 Firstly I like to set everything up ready to go so I have everything I need around me.  I am away at the moment so this is not my usual set up, but I have all the same things with me.  I like to have my notepad and my organiser so I know exactly what I'm doing, and then obviously my laptop is an essential, how else am I supposed to write it?! I also like to have tea and biscuits to keep me going, and sometimes I will keep the products that I am talking about nearby for reference.  For example, if I am talking about a palette, I will keep it nearby to refer to the shades in there, and anything that has a specific colour I'll refer to whilst coming up with an accurate description that is relatively easy for you to understand.

 Next up is photos! I have a sticky back plastic roll from wilkinson that I use to take photos on, which is how I get the marble background.  I have half of the roll at home stuck to a fold up table for when I'm at home, and then I have another small piece that I leave in my caravan for if I need to take photos down here. It was around £5 and you get a good few metres so it is definitely worth checking out! Definitely cheaper than a real marble worktop! I usually lay it out on a table by a window so I get as much natural light in as possible, and take my photos on my iPhone 6 because my camera has had a bit of a BF (if you know what this means, I salute you!). I then upload them to my laptop and edit them a bit on iPhoto. I don't usually do a lot to them, I just crop them and then alter the sharpness and exposure. It's fairly straight forward but if you would like a more in depth post on photography then just let me know.
Then I upload all of my photos into a new blogpost on Blogger! If you use blogger, then you will know that sometimes this is easier said than done! I then usually do any research that I need to do and find the links to products so that it is all ready to go as I'm writing.  I then write it and if I am not publishing that day, I will schedule the post for the right day and publish so that it will go up as and when I need it to (this can also sometimes be hit and miss, I usually have to check that they've gone up because sometimes they don't).  Once a post has gone up, I will share it to my social media (linked on the page in my navigation bar) so that all of you lovely people know when to go and have a read!

I hope you have found this useful, if you have any requests for blogging related posts, then let me know and I will try my best to get those up for you! Always happy to help!

Emily xx

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