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If any of you follow me on Social Media, you will know that I was recently lucky enough to have a little trip to London and visit the most beautiful jewellery shop ever, Astrid and Miyu. Astrid and Miyu are a Jewellery company and their main store is situated in St Christopher's Place which is just off Oxford Street. They specialise in very classy and elegant jewellery which is right up my street and some of their piece are simply beautiful. As a plus, their prices are brilliant too with high quality and beautiful accessories starting from as little as £20.00. I had seen Lydia Elise Millen model some of their pieces and she spoke about her experience with their piercing station so I knew I had to go!

The shop is absolutely beautiful as you can see from the photos and they have a piercing station downstairs. They offer a wide variety of ear piercings and they also give you 20% off their earrings when you get pierced. I have included some of the little diagrams they have on their site which explains what types of piercings they do and what each one is known as. I had only intended to go there for a look and maybe buy some jewellery or pick out some pieces to put on my christmas list but I left with a new piercing and earrings and Meg also left with a piercing.

When we got there, Meg had decided she wanted her conch pierced. I obviously didn't want to be left out and decided I wanted a piercing too and after much deliberation I opted for my helix. I went first and I am a bit of a baby and threw up and fainted when I got my belly button pierced and I was pretty much expecting the same thing to happen again. We chose our earrings and went down to the very pretty piercing station which I didn't manage to get a photo of but you can see a snippet of it in Lydia's Vlog here. The lady who pierced me was so lovely and was so good at it, she really made me feel very comfortable and talked me through things as she was going so that I knew what to expect. She did the usual little dot and made sure I was happy with the positioning of it and then used a cannula needle to pierce it and it was all done and dusted in less than a minute. I'm not sure I have a very high pain threshold but I would definitely say that it hurt but it was definitely worth it and it was by no means unbearable. She then popped the little rose gold hoop in that I had chosen and then that was it! Of course afterwards I did feel a little bit funny and may or may not have thrown up (luckily made it to the toilet this time unlike when I had my belly button pierced many moons ago) but after that I was right as rain. The staff in there were absolutely amazing and we spent so long talking to them all in there. They were such lovely ladies and were so patient and helpful it made the whole experience even more amazing than it already was. Then it was Meg's turn and she opted for a little stud which is sooooo pretty. She was absolutely fine and felt no pain at all, as you can see she has plenty of ear piercings so it didn't bother her in the slightest.

Once I had pulled myself together and had a few fruit pastels that the lovely ladies went and got for me whilst I was there, it was time for photos and earring shopping. I had so much fun browsing around and picking pieces out, I could have easily spent a day in there trying and buying. After much deliberation I decided to go for the Venus Earrings in Rose Gold. I have worn them every day since and I am in love, they are so elegant and classy and just compliment my style perfectly. Of course I made sure to go with Rose gold so that they would match my new addition and I am now looking into getting some rose gold studs for when I want something small and simple. I literally want everything on the website their pieces are so beautiful. If you are in London at any point I would highly recommend going in for a browse or even just looking at their website if you are in the market for some new bling. I will keep you updated on the healing process but at the moment all seems to be going well, it's not painful at all and seems to be healing nicely despite the fact that I am lazy and don't clean it as often as I should (they recommend twice a day and it is now a week on and I have cleaned it twice lol).

Have you bought anything from this brand before? I would love to know your favourite pieces!

Emily xx

This post includes affiliate links however all views and opinions are my own, and all photos are also taken and owned by me.

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