My Trip to the Spectrum Brushes Shop | L I F E

This has to be by far the most insta-worthy shop and café I have ever seen in my whole 19 year existence. I went to London a few weeks ago to see Britney at the O2 and stopped for a spot of shopping whilst  I was there. I had seen this shop a thousand times on Instagram and so this was first on my list of places I knew I needed to go.

I didn't buy too much when I was there, we sat and had the nicest latte with almond milk and admired the amazing café and watched some makeup tutorials on their big screen. We of course took plenty of pictures. There are some more on my Instagram and Chloe has some on hers too we just couldn't stop! Everything was so pretty and picturesque I just took photos of every angle. I did pick up a few brushes, I picked up the AO4 for contouring and the BO8 for highlighting as I have lost my Morphe M501 :(. Of course, I got them both in the marble and rose gold set.

When I got to the till, they said if you follow them on Instagram and/or tag them in an instastory you could pick a free brush. Obviously I follow them on Instagram and by that point we had been to the café so of course my instastory was filled already. I had a few small ones to choose from so I opted for the BO3 for concealer. I have used all 3 at this point and they did not disappoint. Spectrum brushes are so high quality and are also soooooo pretty. Their designs are amazing and their sets are perfection. I will be definitely buying plenty more and I will also be in London again this weekend so  of course will be taking another trip.

If you want to have a look at the Spectrum website, you can sign up here so you will get a nice little discount! Also, if you are a student they offer 15% off which is insane!

Let me know if you pick anything up, happy shopping! What are your favourite Spectrum Brushes?

Emily xx

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