The Sunday Edit #18

This week has been quite a good week, I feel proud of myself because I have worked really hard and I am ahead on all my school work and blogposts so I don't feel rushed to do anything! On wednesday it was open evening for new year 7's so I had a great opportunity to go and spend some time in the art room making sure I had got my project up together before I start on the next one.  I have now started collecting prospectuses for some colleges and I am due to be going to some open days within the next few weeks which is quite scary and not only do I have to try and find somewhere to go where I am happy, I have to try and figure out what courses I want to take which is quite stressful!

This weekend I have been at the caravan as per usual.  I have been re-watching series 4 of Downton Abbey before series 5 starts tonight which I literally can't wait for and I am watching a series 4 add-on as I type! We went out for a meal last night and watched a band in the local pub and today we have just lazed around.  I haven't been feeling brilliant today, I think I might have a cold coming so I have been watching Youtube videos, scrolling through bloglovin' and making a birthday list because it is my birthday in 72 days (I'm a bit sad).  I am trying to work out which products to put in my September favourites because I have just realised that it is coming to the end of the month! I have a few products in mind but although I bought a lot of new products to try last month, being back at school I haven't really been wearing much makeup and have been sticking to what I know I like.

I hope you have all had a lovely week and a lovely weekend and I will be back on Wednesday!

Emily xx

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