Revision Tips #1 ❤

This is something I have always struggled with and I have been trying really hard to make an effort to make it easier and more useful as I am currently revising for my GCSE's.  I have picked up a few little tips and tricks so I thought I would share them with you and hope that they will help you!

  • It has been proven that by writing information down, helps you to remember and understand it much more easily.  I can honestly say this definitely works and it has really helped me with subjects such as Science and History which require you to remember a lot of information.
  • Highlight key words.  Whether it be names, dates, terms or any small pieces of information, it is easier to remember if they have been highlighted because it catches your eye and is more likely to sink in.  This also allows you to find information more quickly.
  • Sit in a quiet room.  Music and voices can confuse you and distract you so be sure to be in a peaceful space with little interruption so you can really concentrate and keep your focus on your revision.
  • Split your revision into sections.  Organise yourself and make sure you to small amounts at a time.  This way you have more time to digest the information and you will have a better chance of remembering it.  Don't spend too long at a time revising because you are likely to get bored and lose concentration so you won't be getting the most out of your revision.  I like to do little and often.
  • Go post it note crazy! Write key definitions or small notes too sticky notes and stick them where you are most likely to see them, whether it be on your mirror, bedside cabinet doors, wherever! This way you are taking in information without realising it and this is a really good way to learn names, dates and definitions.
  • Make up mnemonics and diagrams.  Make up little rhymes and phrases to help you remember the order of things or stages in which things occur.  For example, Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain is a good way of remembering the visible light spectrum in Physics! Also, making up and drawing your own little diagrams helps a lot because it is individual to you and you are more likely to understand it than one that has already been done for you.
Do you have any useful revision tips?

If you find this useful, do let me know as I will be doing more posts like this as I pick up new tips and ideas and I think they would be useful for those of you have a lot of upcoming exams like myself!

Emily xx

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