Disappointing Products #1 ❤

I am always talking about the products I love and very rarely talk about the ones I hate, so here are a few of the products I would steer well clear of!

The first product is Mac's satin lipstick in the shade 'Snob'.  So many people love this lipstick and it's one of Mac's most popular shades.  I regret not trying it on in the shop, I wasted £15 because it just looks awful.  It's such a hard shade to wear if you are pale and it looks horrible.  It really dries out your lips and looks patchy.  I definitely don't recommend this to anyone with lighter skin as it will wash you out and make you look gross!

The next product is the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation.  I bought this on a whim and definitely regret it!  The packaging is a pain to use as it doesn't have a pump and you have to pour it out which is messy and can mean a lot of product is wasted because you can't really control how much comes out.  It goes on streaky and doesn't blend very well and looks cakey.  I also find that after a few hours, it creases really badly and starts to break up, making my pores look huge and making my skin look hideous.  The coverage isn't brilliant and it's quite drying on the skin.

The last makeup product is the Benefit Boi-ing concealer.  So many people said this concealer was amazing but I was very disappointed.  It's very thick and creases really badly and looks really cakey.  It makes blemishes stand out even more and doesn't cover them that well.  I had high expectations for this concealer and it really let me down!

Onto skincare, the first product is the Simple soothing toner.  This broke me out and made my skin really red and blotchy.  I don't have overly sensitive skin so this came as shock, especially since simple products are supposed to be suitable for people with sensitive skin.  I used it twice and immediately stopped using it.

The last thing is the L'oreal Skin Perfection Cleansing and Perfecting milk.  I bought this because I was after a gentle cleanser and this was the only one I could find that didn't have alcohol in.  It broke me out and didn't do my skin any favours.  I am a big fan of their skin perfection line, but I feel the cleanser wasn't up to scratch.

Which products have disappointed you?

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Emily xx

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