Nars Laguna Bronzer- Worth the Splurge?

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I finally splurged on the Nars bronzer in the shade Laguna.  I had a few people asking me what i though of it so I thought I'd do a quick review.

It's the perfect shade for me, as I am quite pale and some bronzers look quite orange on me.  It has a little bit of shimmer, but nothing to horrendous.  It gives a nice natural glow and can be used for a subtle bronze look or a sharp contour.  It's quite sheer, but definitely build able and very versatile.

I am on the hunt for a cheaper dupe, because there is bound to be something out there similar.  I have heard there is one from elf so I will have to try it out.

The packaging looks amazing and is quite sturdy and its handy for travelling, as it has a mirror in the lid.  The only problem I do have with this is that it gets really dirty, really easily and its very difficult to clean.  Be sure to have foundation free hands when you touch it!

Overall, i think this is definitely worth the splurge as its a great bronzer and looks great on every one. You also get a good amount for your money.

You can find it here or in Selfridges for £27.  If I can find any dupes, I will certainly let you know and maybe do a comparison!

If you know of any dupes or have any questions or requests, be sure to leave me a comment or tweet me and follow me on instagram!

Emily xx


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