Lush Products I'm Trying Out/Mini Haul

I went out shopping and bought a few things. I went into Lush and found 2 products that I have heard so much about and wanted to try for myself and see what all the hype was about!

The first thing I got was the cupcake face mask.  I read a review on it some time last week and thought it sounded perfect for my skin! It is specially formulated for people with oily, acne prone skin so I though I'd give it a go.  So far I'm impressed, although it doesn't smell great and it only lasts for a few weeks so you have to use it regularly to use it up.  The other thing I got was the tea tree water toner.  I have been needing a new toner for a while and my friend had been raving about this so I picked up the smaller size for £3.75 so I could see if i liked it enough to buy the full size for around £7.50.  You can find both of these products here.

Last but not least, I got a macbook pro!! This means it will be easier for me to blog more frequently as my old laptop wouldn't let me publish posts so I had to try and do it through my iPhone which was very hard!

If you have any questions or requests or want to see a full review on any of the products mentioned, be sure to leave a comment or tweet me and follow me on Instagram!

Emily xx



  1. Cupcake face mask sounds amazing! I'd love to try it :)

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr