My Week on Instagram #2

Being an Instagram-aholic, a lot goes on in a week and seeing as my week on Instagram #1 was so popular, I thought I'd make a little series of them!
 We have finally had some decent weather here in the UK, so what better time to go outside and make some daisy chains!

 As you can see, I'm a slight fan of lipstick and chocolate!

 I was tagged by my friend to do a #nomakeupselfie for cancer awareness so here it is! I tag you all to do one and donate!
 Hoping to do a review on these products from lush when I have tried them out properly and have a proper opinion, but so far so good!
I painted my nails with the Avon Glazewear polish in the shade Rave and it is the prettiest shimmery pink I have ever worn!

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Emily xx


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  1. That chocolate egg makes me wanna cheat the diet!! :)