Top 5 AW Lip Picks

Left to Right:- Maybelline 'Berry Much', Nyx 'Copenhagen', Revlon 'Sultry', Mac 'Whirl' and Sleek 'Vamp'

I think one of my most favourite things about the colder months is the darker makeup, lipstick being my favourite component. Narrowing my favourite picks down to 5 was evidently difficult but I managed to gather together the creme de la creme of the bunch.

If you're a fan of the classic vampy reds/purples/berries then the first 3 are for you. First up to bat is the newest addition to my collection, the Sleek True Colour Lipstick in 'Vamp' is your classic deep vampy red as the name would suggest. It's deep muted brown tones make it the perfect shade to suit any complexion, it truly is the perfect autumn shade. It's a creamy matte formula and looks stunning on the lips, however I do find it can wear off in the centre throughout the day and leave a line around the edge as well as making your lips a tad dry and flaky, but thats nothing some lip balm and a quick exfoliation can't combat. For £4.99 (well technically for free because I bought it with my boots points) you can't really go wrong, so it's worth a pop! Similar in tone but perhaps with a hint more purple is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen. This is another beautiful shade which looks particularly striking on a pale complexion. NYX are renowned for creating the most amazing lip products with top notch formulas and this line is no exception. These are velvety smooth on the lips and once they have dried down last exceedingly well. They can be a little on the drying side but I do't know of any matte lip products that don't dry you out just a tiny bit so I won't hold this against them. I find applying it on top of lip balm not only makes it go on easier and last longer, it does make it a little more comfortable as it wears. Last up for the classics is the Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick in Berry Much, and as the name would suggest it's a stunning berry shade. It's definitely more on the purple side and again looks amazing on pale skin but I'm sure it would look stunning on most skin tones! This is probably one of my favourite formulas, it's more of a satin finish as opposed to a matte which means it's a lot less drying than a matte (in fact they are crazily hydrating). They have the slightest shine to them and they aren't completely matte but they look amazing on the lips, quite a unique formula and one that you certainly need to try!

Onto the more 'not so typical' Autumn/Winter colours, a favourite of mine of mine throughout the entire year but predominantly during the colder months is Mac Whirl. This is a cult favourite of many beauty lovers as I'm sure my friend Meg would agree (she has like 3 back ups at any one time because she's petrified of running out). This is the most unique shade I've ever come across, it looks totally different on every so if you're considering buying it then I'd definitely pop into Mac and try it on first. On me its more of a deep grey toned brown, definitely on the cool side but on meg it's definitely a lot lighter and warmer and definitely shows some more reddy/orangey tones. You can follow Meg on Instagram here to see what whirl looks like on her, plus she is literally a model anyway so you need to follow her, she is all of the goals. The formula of this is also a beautiful creamy texture which makes it very comfortable to wear and hardly drying at all! And last but not least we have another very unique colour, the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm is a deep dusky rose colour with a hint of nude, brown and red. It can also come across as almost salmony but it looks so different every time I wear it! It's a very beautiful 'my lips but a bit darker' colour and the formula doesn't fail to disappoint. The minty flavour makes your lips tingle and the balm like formula is perfect for the colder months for keeping your lips in tip top condition. This formula is unlike any other and brings together the best of both worlds, a beautiful matte that packs in a ton of moisture! Definitely one to check out if you're on a budget, as well as the aforementioned classic shades.

Which shades do you love to sport during those chilly months?

Emily xx

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