The Sunday Edit #69

I'm pleased to say that this week has been a lot better and I feel much better about going to college.  I still don't feel completely happy, but I am getting there and a bit more time will see my problems sort itself out hopefully!

This week has been fairly boring, not much to talk about really just the same old! I had a huge clear out of my bedroom this weekend because it was starting to bug me, and I am currently contemplating getting a new desk as my work desk, as I seem to be finding it difficult to use my current one as a makeup station and a work desk, but I'm not sure yet.  I've been in town shopping all day looking for clothes and a new bag for college.  My Ted Baker bag that I had was just not sturdy enough or big enough for the amount I have to carry, so I picked up a bargain in Primark for £5 which seems of great quality and its huge! I also picked up some more clothes for college as I just don't seem to have enough to last me all week and the weekend.  I think I've not needed that much clothes because I've been in school uniform all week for god knows how long, it's not until you leave school that you realise what a lack of clothes you have!

I'm off now to do some revision for a timed essay that I'm doing in Law tomorrow, and then having a quick shower before Downton Abbey starts! I'm so excited I could wet myself, I won't though because I am in control of the situation! I hope you have all had a lovely week!

Emily xx

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