Spending Ban Update #2

I originally planned on doing a 30 day spending ban, but I have work experience starting on 30th June and will have to buy things in preparation for that (clothes etc), so I have decided to cut it to 20 days instead.

I have not bought anything for nearly 2 weeks now and its been quite hard I have to say! I haven't been shopping too much because it would be torture, but I have been out a few times and was very tempted to give up but I didn't, I persevered.  Doing this has made me realise just how much I do buy and how hard it is not being able to spend money!  Every time I go out, I don't even take my purse now!

Not being able to buy and try new products has encouraged me to go through my stash and re try some things that have been slightly neglected and it gives me a chance to use what I have and make the most of it before I go and buy new products.  I have also re-discovered some old favourites that I have rekindled my love for.

I have managed to save up quite a bit of money so I will be able to buy some new summer clothes and some clothes for work experience as I have to dress in smart office ware.  I may even treat myself to some new makeup because there is a lot that I am desperate to try!

I will be back next Friday for my last update!

Emily xx

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