Primark Haul - Work Experience Clothes ❤

As soon as my spending ban was over, I went straight to Primark to get some new outfits for work experience next week which I am really looking forward to!

This is the dress I will be wearing on Monday.  It is really bright and summery and was only £13.00!  It's quite flowy and cool so it will be good if the weather is nice this week.  I will definitely be wearing this after work experience as well for going out and I can also use this for when I start work.

The next outfit is a little bit smarter and this is the one I will be wearing on Tuesday.  I thought I would wear something a little bit smarter on Tuesday because I have to go back to school after work for tutor evening.  The blue vest top was £4.00 and is made of a very thin material so I won't get too hot.  The kimono is my favourite part of this outfit.  It was £15.00 and I will definitely be wearing this after work experience has finished.  It makes the outfit look a lot more put together and smart and you could dress it up or down.  The skirt is just plain black and almost looks like it has been wrapped around.  It was £10 and I will be wearing this to school after work experience because it is the perfect length for me to get away with.

 This next dress I am not sure if I will be wearing for work experience.  In the shop it seemed perfect, but now I have brought it home and tried it on properly, I can see that it is quite short and see through and is probably not office appropriate.  It is also made of a shiny material that clings to everything and is likely to make me sweat!  It was £10.00 and I think this would be better for wearing out.
 I saw porcelainbeautyx wearing this dress and I fell in love with it!  It was £13.00 and I will definitely be wearing this after.  It is a really bright cobalt blue with huge daisies and a 60's collar, definitely my sort of thing!  It also looks really smart so is perfect for work.
The last dress is a flawy floral dress.  It was £10.00 and can be worn all year round.  It is very comfortable and the flawy material helps you to stay cool.  It has an elastic waist and I think it is quite flattering!

 As soon as I saw these heels, I knew I had to have them! They were £10.00 which is an absolute bargain and they look really smart!  They are quite uncomfortable and difficult to walk in but I am sure I will get used to them!
 I also picked ip a pair of flats for when my feet feel crippled and I can keep them in my bag in case of emergencies! They were £6.00 and go with all of my outfits!
 I also picked up some jewellery because Primark jewellery is amazing! I got a silver chunky statement necklace which was £3.00 and some gold midi rings which were £1.50 for a pack of 4.
I obviously had to pick up some of their false nails because they are my absolute favourite! They are an absolute steal at £1.00 and they are amazing quality, a lot better than the likes of nailene which you pay around £7.00 for in boots.
Last but not least, I got a nude leather handbag.  It was £10.00 and is the perfect size for me to carry spare shoes, lunch, folders, books etc and it goes with all of my outfits!

That is it for my haul and if you would like to see some ootd's featuring some of these pieces, let me know!

Emily xx

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