Exam Essentials / What's in my Pencil Case? ❤

Exam season is upon us and we all need to be prepared in order to do our best.  I have already done a post on how to manage your revision here so I thought I'd do a post on what you will need actually in the exam.
It's probably the same for everyone, but we have to have a clear pencil case. I got this pink one from Sainsburys for 50p which is an absolute bargain.

If you are doing Maths or Science you will need a calculator.  I think a scientific one is best as they tend to be more accurate and easier and quicker to use.  I buy mine directly from my school but I'm sure you could get them pretty much anywhere that sells stationary.

Again for Maths, a protractor, a compass and a ruler are handy to have because you never know what the examiner will throw at you.  Again you can get these pretty much anywhere but my protractor is from WHSmith's and my compass and ruler are from a Helix Geometry Set.

Most exam boards require you to write in black ink so be sure to have more than one pen in case it runs out in the middle of the exam because then you have a bit of a problem! I usually carry 2 or 3 to be sure that I won't be without one.

I also recommend taking another colour pen for if you need to annotate something.  I find this useful for History because I can annotate the sources and make notes without it getting confused with my answer.

I also take a highlighter so I can highlight key points and key words in the question to help me answer it and so I know exactly what they are asking me to do.

I take a pencil because it is better for drawings and diagrams because you can easily rectify mistakes. Also take a rubber in case of mistakes and a sharpener in case your pencil snaps because if your pencil snaps, again you have a problem!

Last but not least, I recommend taking a bottle of water in with you.  Those exam rooms are hot and you will probably get thirsty, but be sure to take the label off the bottle otherwise the invigilators will get their knickers in a twist!

I hope this helped all of you taking exams around this time and I wish you all luck, and try your best!

Emily xx

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