The Sunday Edit #95

I really wish this little quote was true, today is going to be a very busy day and hopefully I'll be as productive as I need to be!  This week I went back to college and was thrown straight back into the deep end with tests and assignments literally coming out of my ears. Two very exciting things happened this week, the first being that I hit 1000 followers on Instagram which I think I may have mentioned in my post that went up on Wednesday. This has been a goal for quite a while and I finally reached it which I was quite chuffed with, if you don't already follow me on Instagram then my username is its_little_em and you can also click on the button in the top right hand corner of my blog! I also met up with a really old friend of mine who moved to Australia 7 years ago, she came over to visit her family for christmas and we got a chance to meet up which was so nice, it's crazy how much we have all changed in the 7 years that we have been apart.

Today is going to have to be pretty productive, I have a bunch of blog photos I want to take so I am prepared for the next 2 weeks of posts because I have no time any other day, I also want to get a fair amount of Accounting Revision done for the test I have on Tuesday and I'm also going to start bullet journalling today. I've seen loads of photos and people raving about bullet journalling on Instagram and Pinterest and I decided that I wanted in on the action as well. I did a whole bunch of research yesterday, planned out some of the stuff I wanted to put in there and how I wanted it to look and I ordered my journal and some supplies on Amazon. I'm currently waiting on the Amazon Prime delivery man to bring me my goodies so I can start on it straight away. Maybe once I've tweaked the system a bit and established one that works for me I'll do a whole post dedicated to bullet journalling. I'm sure once I get started and it starts coming together my Instagram feed will be flooded with pretty pictures of my journal pages. I think this will help me so much with managing everything, being able to plan and track everything all in one place is going to be so useful, and also making it look pretty and spending time on it should be quite therapeutic and relaxing. Like I said, I'll do a full post on what bullet journalling is and how it works, as well as my favourite supplies and how I've made it work for me once I get started. If you're interested in starting bullet journalling and want some inspiration, I've made a Pinterest board here if you want to go and have a look. I've repinned loads of other peoples work and hopefully I can add some of my own into it once it's all up and running.

There's not been a lot to really talk about this week so I've just been spewing randomness out as it pops into my head! I hope you have all had an amazing week and I'll be back on Wednesday with my What I got for Christmas post!

Emily xx

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