The £12 Michael Kors Dupe

Like most girls, I have been lusting over a Michael Kors watch for the longest time.  I do have a sekonda one, which is similar but its still doesn't quite make the cut.  Whilst shopping the next sale, I found this little beauty! It looks almost identical to the Rose Gold Michael Kors one that I have been wanting for ages!  The only difference between the £12 watch and the £249 watch is the infamous michael kors label which really is what you pay for! I will warn you, they are quite big and I had to go and get 5 links taken out although, thinking about it, I do have abnormally small midget wrists!  I have had so many people asking me if my watch is Michael Kors, and although it breaks my heart to tell them that it isn't, they are amazed by how similar they are and the dramatic price difference!

Next time you are in your local next store, have a little look and see if you can find it, I definitely recommend it!  I would hurry though, I'm not sure its going to be around for long!

Emily xx

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