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left to right: mac lets skate, maybelline on and on bronze
makeup revolution baked eyeshadows

Being a beauty blogger, I have a rather extensive stash and there are always those few products that get pushed to the back of the drawers once something new comes along.  I thought that today I would give you a low down on all the products that I love but never use because other products steal all the glory! I suppose you could call this a shop my stash, but whichever way you look at this, its a whole post on the forgotten and neglected.

Starting with base, I think I have only used the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation 4 times since I splurged on it at the beginning of the December.  Although this is a good foundation, I'm not sure that its really my favourite.  I have 3 other foundations that I always choose over this, which is a shame considering how much I paid for it.  I just find that it doesn't last that well on my skin, and is nowhere near as dewy as I had hoped.  I need to use it more often to almost force myself to begin to like it and try to get my moneys worth.

For cheeks, there are quite a few products that get neglected because by blush changes on a regular basis.  One that has been particularly neglected  for quite a while now has been the Sleek Blush in the shade 'Rose Gold'. Way back at the end of 2013, this was my holy grail and I used it all the time.  Once I really got into blogging, I started trying so many that I pretty much completely forgot that this existed until I stumbled across it whilst going through my collection.  This really is such a beautiful shade and adds the most gorgeous glowing flush to the cheeks and I definitely should use this more! I definitely recommend sleek blushes, they are a bargain with an amazing formula and a rather extensive colour range.

Recently, I have been obsessed with cream shadows which has led to me collecting a considerable amount over the past month.  I have turned all my attention to playing with my new favourites and oldies but goodies got completely pushed to the side.  The first product being the Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade on and on bronze.  I used to wear this every single day with some smokey liner and mascara but I haven't used this for a good 6 months.  The formula of these are amazing and again, have an amazing colour range at an amazing price.  I will definitely be purchasing more shades from this line in the future.  The other is a slightly pricier option coming from Mac.  I received the Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the shade 'Lets Skate' for Christmas in 2013 and wore it a few times before it got put in the drawer and forgot about.  It is such a beautiful shade and is so easy to wear, I really don't know why I don't use it that often!

Sticking with eyes, there are a lot of products that get forgotten about.  Being a lover of palettes, I like to use eyeshadows from the same palette, purely through laziness! The first one will probably come as a shock as it is a product I have raved about quite a lot in the past. I haven't used my Naked 3 Palette in quite a few months as I find some of the shades can be slightly difficult to wear and I find it hard to get a whole look from one palette and tend to dip into others.  I think it lacks a more of a brown toned matte for a transition colour and a light colour that is shimmery without glitter.  I also have completely forgotten about the Makeup Revolution Pure and Innocent Baked Eyeshadows. These shadows are absolutely phenomenal, the shades are to die for and the formula is, dare I say it, on point! I could create so many looks with this, but being a creature of habit, I like to stick to the same old thing.  The last product is the Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara.  This is a really good mascara, I really don't know why I don't use it! The length side isn't really a lot of cop, but the volume side is amazing and creates the perfect amount of length and volume which is able to hold a curl all day long.

That is all of my forgotten and neglected products, what are yours?

Emily xx

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