The August Roundup

Where the hell did this month go?! Seeing as I don't have a favourites post this month (I'm still loving all the things I raved about last month) I thought I would do something a little different so that August didn't go by without it's very own post dedicted solely to it.

This month has been a little crazy. I've been working non-stop on my blog all month, with plenty of exciting blog related things happening to. I've been working with brands alot more this month, getting products for review, writing articles for them and I also did my very first sponsorship which went up last Friday.  All of this is new to me, I have worked with brands in the past but it only happened a few times and it was nothing major to speak of, but this month seems to have been all about the brands. I love working with brands to try out so many different things, and if they're worthy of a blog mention then you all seem to love them too!

Obviously this month also marked the birth of #GRLPOWR which you can read all about here if you're unfamiliar. This has been a majorly time-consuming but amazing project to be involved in. Our first chat was extremely successful, alot more so than we imagined and we were all quite shocked by how quickly this little community grew and the success it had achieved in just under a week. As I am writing this post, our account is at 650 Twitter Followers and it has only been live for just over a week! I hosted the first chat of September last Thursday which I talked about in my last 'The Sunday Edit', and I was overwhelmed by the amount of support and lovely comments I got from it! I'm amazed by how much this little project has become something very important and it has allowed my social media and readership to grow considerably over the latter part of the month. As it stands, I am 10 followers off 300 on Bloglovin' (I'm writing this post on Friday 2nd September so it's scheduled for when I'm back at college) which is absolutely crazy! When I started out, I didn't even think one person would read my rambles, let alone 300 of you and counting! I am extremely proud of all the ladies involved in the little community, we have all worked really hard to make this project as great as it possibly can be!

Sadly, as August draws to a close, it means it's time to go back to school/college/uni. I got my exam grades in the middle of August and I got an A in Law, B in Accounting and B in Economics which were the 3 subjects that I'll be carrying on with into A2 so I am so chuffed with my grades and hopefully the next year will be equally as successful. I went out and bought some cute stationary to try and make the whole going back to college thing a little less painful, I'm still not looking forward to it though!

I hope you have all had a fantastic month, and Happy September!

Emily xx

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