My New Year's Resolutions for 2016

Well another year has been and gone, whizzed by so fast that yesterday I wrote my Happy new year post for 2015 and today its 2016. Complete and utter madness! Anyways, let get onto all the things that I am going to force myself to do this year!

1) Pass my driving test - One of the most exciting things I can make happen in 2016 is being able to drive. I have been learning for a month now and I am getting on really well, I aim to book my theory for the end of January so I aim to get on the road around March/April time! I am determined to get on the road very soon!

2) Drink more water - I say this one every year but I really do mean it this year. I'm determined to be healthier and feel more lovely so drinking plenty more water will help so much with improving how I feel and my skin.

3) Work hard - I am determined to stop slacking and being lazy, I am determined to keep on top of college work, pack in as much extra work as I can and make sure that I get the good AS Grades that I am desperate to get!

4) Get back on the Blogging game - After I lost the ability to take photos for my blog, I lost all motivation to do any blogging and I have majorly slacked off towards the end of 2015. I have missed blogging so much and I am desperate to get back on it, posting regularly so I can start building my blog and hopefully gain some new readers!

5) Make time for Twitter Chats - I have all of my Twitter chats programmed into my phone so I get reminders when they start, but I never get involved! I aim to start interacting on twitter and social media a lot more so I can interact with other bloggers and my readers.

6) Be more positive - I've been a bit miserable this year, for no real reason I've just become really negative. I am fed up of feeling down and rubbish so I am determined to be more positive and make myself feel better. I need to focus on the important things and stop little things getting me down.

That is all of resolutions for this year, let me know what yours are! Wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year!

Emily xx

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