What I've Won #3

Well my lucky streak seems to have continued and I have won yet another giveaway! This time I have won some E45 products from the lovely Heather who blogs over at Of Beauty and Nothingness (I apologise for the poor-quality photos, blame english weather).  I have to admit, E45 is not really  brand I've ever been that interested in. I haven't ever felt the urge to try any of their products, nor have any of them ever really grabbed my attention.
The first product I got was the E45 Moisturising Lotion.  This can be used anywhere on the body, I have been mainly using it on my face before makeup.  It is quite light in consistency and sinks in quickly so nothing slides off it.  Makeup goes on smoothly over the top and it minimises the amount of dry patches that my foundation clings to.  My skin has had a bit of a blip recently, I'm not sure if its down to this or its just the weather so I will keep going with it and see what happens. I will be a little bit miffed if it is this that is breaking me out because I do really like the product otherwise.
The second product I received was the Repair and Protect Overnight Hand Cream. I love a good hand cream in the winter and this is a brilliant one. It is very rich and locks in as much moisture as possible, without leaving your hands greasy and sinking in quickly.  I have to admit, I haven't tried it overnight, I tend to keep it in my handbag for when I'm out and about and my hands feel a little dry.

I definitely recommend E45 products, they have such a vast range for all skin types at really affordable prices so it is definitely worth a look!

Emily xx

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